Executive Storage Estates Condominiums

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8555 Rausch Drive
Plain City, Ohio 43064
Phone: 614-264-9881

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7927 B Memorial Drive
Plain City, Ohio 43064

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FAQ's About Storage Condominiums


What experience does Executive Storage Estates have for my project?

Executive Storage Estates’ builders, Hochstetler Buildings, Inc. have been serving central Ohio for more than 30 years and have constructed over 2,000 quality, post frame buildings. HBI specializes in Custom Post Frame Construction, allowing us to provide a variety of design and finish options for your project. Also, we have teamed up with our affiliate from the Cleveland-Port Clinton, Ohio area, who was one of the first companies in the country to offer “Storage Condominiums”. They have been in business for nearly 10 years and have sold over 400 units. Their reputation has earned them creditability and that is why we have decided to affiliate ourselves with such a reputable company. Your Executive Storage Estates project would have over 40 years of experience behind it.

What type of construction materials do you use?

We include the finest products in our units. The garage doors are steel on the inside and outside with a foam core with the use of a commercial grade operator and keyless entry. Our gas heating system is manufactured by Reznor. The latest energy efficient reflective T-5 light fixtures are used for lighting. Each unit’s interior is finished with 5/8” firecode drywall. Our buildings are super-insulated to keep your heating costs low. We use a 40 year metal roof. We meet or exceed the “International Building Standards” and offer a one year warranty on our products. We are truly committed to continuously improving our products. We welcome your suggestions.

What about site work?

The site work is one of the least appreciated aspects of our projects. It adds tremendously to the cost of a project and can be a costly maintenance item in the future if not done properly. In addition, it is difficult for the purchaser to tell if the proper attention was paid and high quality materials used to create the foundation for buildings, storm sewers, underground utilities and driveways. Our commitment to quality from the site work up will prove to be the reason we will continue to sell units and enjoy a great reputation.

What are the sizes of the condominium unit?

Our standard size units are 18’, 22’ & 24’ wide X 45’, 50' & 55' deep. Multiple units can be combined to provide larger units. These are all contingent upon availability.

Are the doors large enough to fit a boat or RV?

The automatic overhead doors are 16’ wide by 14’ tall, large enough to accommodate most boats and RV’s.

What about having a restroom?

We do offer a public restroom for your convenience. All of our units have water and a sink. You also have the option to have your own personal restroom in your unit.

Do I have 24/7 access?


What type of security is provided?

The grounds are gated and fenced. Each unit has its own dedicated access.

Can a security system be added in a unit?

Yes. We can have the security system installed for you or you can use your own provider.

Can I rent out my unit?

YES! It is your condo. As you would with a home, you can rent it out at a price you set yourself. There are investors that purchase units solely as investment property.

I am in sales and currently rent a storage unit. Can I store my supplies in the Storage Condo?

Yes. Your storage condo can be used for business and/or personal use.

Can I buy a storage condo with my neighbor or friend?

Yes, as many people can purchase a condo together as you would like. You may share the expenses any way you choose.

What about resale?

With our affiliate being in the business longer than almost anyone in the country, they have demonstrated to us that there is a market for your unit when the time comes to sell. The purchase of our “storage condos” will prove to be an investment with a reasonable return. You can sell it yourself, ask us to sell it for you, or use a realtor.

What type of deed do we receive?

You will receive a warranty deed. Just like a residential condominium.

Do we pay taxes?

Yes, the rate is determined by the Union County Auditor. The current tax rate is approximately $1.25 per square foot per year.

Is the gas & electric usage individually metered?

Yes, the heating cost is individually metered for each unit, by the association. You can control the temperature and therefore your gas consumption with your thermostat. There is only one utility owned meter thereby eliminating the standard monthly flat rate fee. We super-insulate our buildings resulting in lower gas consumption.

Is there a condo fee?

Yes, it includes building insurance, management fee, lawn care, snow removal, power washing the buildings, insect control, maintaining the security lighting, maintaining the public restroom, some public utility requirements, and general outside maintenance and clean up. The cost is budgeted each year and is currently around $25 to $60 per month, depending on the size of the unit.

Unit owners are responsible for the payment of their real estate taxes and dedicated facilities.

Is financing available?

Yes. Please contact us for bank referrals that have financed our units.

Is insurance available?

Mitchell Insurance Agency; Matt Gardner; Phone – 614-873-1088; Fax – 614-873-6996; mgardner@insurance-mitchell.com; www.insurance-mitchell.com

How do I take a look?

Call our office at 614-873-1767 anytime and we will be glad to meet with you.


We look forward to meeting you and you becoming a part of a growing community of Executive Storage Estates Condominium Owners.