Executive Storage Estates Condominiums

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8555 Rausch Drive
Plain City, Ohio 43064
Phone: 614-264-9881

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7927 B Memorial Drive
Plain City, Ohio 43064

Storage Condominium Benefits


  • Make it your own, instead of renting.
    • You will not be throwing your money away by renting, you will actually own it.
    • Many times your mortgage payment is less than rental rates.
    • No rent increases
    • You have a great chance of your property appreciating.
    • This will be an asset on your personal balance sheets.
    • You may receive tax benefits. (Not guaranteed, consult with your tax professional)
    • Updates to your property will increase your value, not your landlords.
    • You will be able to benefit from your improvements if you choose to sell at some point.
    • You will have a say in decisions regarding your property, not just leaving it up to your landlord.
  • It is yours 24/7/365
  • Provides extra space for your business, family and friends.
  • You have space for your toys year 'round.
  • This is an investment that should you choose to sell in the future, you can. Unlike a storage building built on your personal property which you would have to sell with your home.
  • If you move to another home in the area you can choose to keep your storage unit instead of having to let it go with the sale of your home.
  • Like mentioned at the beginning, IT IS YOURS, NOT JUST A RENTAL PROPERTY!